Used Brake Calipers For Sale

The brake calipers are a critical component of your vehicle’s braking system. Failure of a caliper may prevent the brake disc from contacting the rotor. The opposite can also occur with the caliper becoming frozen against the rotor. When you need to purchase used brake calipers for your vehicle, we can help you find exactly the right parts quickly. Enter your search information into the section at the top of this page for fast results.

When you press on the brake pedal, fluid in the brake system applies pressure to the brake calipers. The calipers squeeze together, applying the brake pads to the rotor. This pressure is what slows down and stops your vehicle. Older vehicles used brake shoes, when hydraulic pressure was applied, the shoes pressed outwards against the brake drum. Newer vehicle use disc brakes on the front wheels. Some vehicles use disc brakes on all four wheels.

Floating Calipers

Floating calipers push in and then move back out from the rotor. This style uses one or two small pistons that operate off the brake fluid pressure. Both sides of the calipers will force the discs to contact the rotor to stop your vehicle.

Fixed Calipers

With fixed calipers, pistons on both sides of the rotor become the moving elements. The pistons themselves apply pressure to the discs to slow and stop your vehicle. Some fixed caliper systems will use more than two sets of pistons on each side of the brake rotor.

Remember that your calipers are only one component of the entire brake system and all parts must work together correctly. Calipers, as well as pads, should be replaced in sets. There are several other components that you may need to purchase to complete your repair correctly. In addition to caliper parts and pads, you will need brake fluid and the appropriate tools.

When you are looking for used brake calipers for sale, we can help you locate all the parts you need. Use our parts finder at the top of the page to get the lowest prices on the Internet.