Used Exhaust Manifolds For Sale

The exhaust manifold on your vehicle draws gasses away from the engine. It is designed to collect the gas and direct it through the rest of the exhaust system. A failure in the manifold can lead to noisy operation, less efficiency and increased emissions. When it comes time for replacement, we can help you find the right used exhaust manifolds at the lowest cost. Use our search box on the top of this page to find a great selection of low cost manifolds.

Basic Exhaust Manifolds

Manifolds are usually manufactured from cast iron or steel. The materials used are strong but the manifold is subject to extreme temperatures. They can crack or develop rust damage over time. Gaskets can become damaged more easily. Gasket damage may not be apparent when the vehicle is hot due to expansion. Check for gasket problems when the vehicle is just warming up.

Manifold Failure

One of the largest concerns when it comes to exhaust manifold failure is the chance for carbon monoxide to enter the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Because this gas has no color or odor, it may not be noticeable.

Leaks in the manifold will result is less back-pressure in the system. This will reduce your engine’s performance and decrease the fuel-efficiency. Over time, damage to other parts in the exhaust system may also occur.

Aftermarket Vs. Used Exhaust Manifolds

Aftermarket manifolds can be used as standard replacements or designed to dress up the look of your engine. These may be chrome plated, painted or coated with a ceramic finish. Ceramic finishes are also used to reduce the temperature and improve the vehicle’s performance.

You may also want a tubular manifold, commonly referred to as a header. This aftermarket manifold consists of single pipes attached to each cylinder that converge into a collector.

Do remember that you may need to purchase a gasket, gasket cement and new hardware for your manifold installation. Get all the parts you need at the same time to prevent delays in your repair work. Use our search box to locate exhaust manifolds for sale and all the other auto parts you need. We make it easy to get your parts and get down to work.