Used Head Lamp Motors For Sale

The head lamp motors on your vehicle open and close the light covers, and may rotate the lamps up or down, when you turn your headlights on and off. This is an attractive feature on many cars. You also know how silly it looks when one lamp is exposed while the other one is covered. Use the search bar located at the top of this page to find a great selection of head lamp motors. You can count on us to find the model for your vehicle to ensure the perfect fit and performance.

Head lamp motors can fail in the open or closed position. Unfortunately, failure in the closed position means your vehicle will be missing a head light. If the motors fails in the open position you will still at least have both lights working. Many of these assemblies do offer manual operation to keep your lights visible. You will need to disconnect the wires leading to the motor. Then manually crank the assembly to the open position.

As a tip: If neither of your head lamps are working check the fuse first. These can often blow and the fix is easy. Also, read your owner’s manual or repair details for your vehicle. The head lamp assembly may need occasional lubrication to keep it operating effectively.

Some of the vehicle models that use this type of head lamp are Fiero, Firebird, Corvette, Plymouth Fury, Ford LTD, Thunderbird, Chevy Camaro and many more. Each manufacturer uses a different style motor although some may cross over to other vehicles.

When it comes to your head lamp motors, do consider replacing them as a set. Unless one was damaged by accident, they both will have the same amount of usage. If you only replace one motor, you will often find yourself replacing the second a few months down the road.

When you use the search box at the top of this page, we can provide you with the best prices possible. If you are looking for head lamp motors for sale, let us make your search easy. When you work on this type of assembly, remember to keep your hands away from any moving parts for safety.