Used AC Control Panels For Sale

The control panel for the Air Conditioning system differs by manufacturer and even vehicle year and model. Levers and knobs can often break off the AC control panels and leave you needing a replacement. Enter your vehicle information into our search bar and find the right panel for your car online, quickly and easily.

The AC control panel on your vehicle does more than just control the air conditioning. Most panels will also have the controls for the heating and defrosting system included. Because of the variety of features and styles, you will need to ensure that you purchase exactly the right component for the make, model and year of your vehicle. Panels that include automatic temperature controls will also be different from standard panels.

The control panel you purchase will normally come with the wiring harness parts you need for complete installation. Do check, as some panels are hard-wired with connectors and others are not. If you vehicle has a rear window defroster, ensure that you are purchasing the correct model. For instance, similar model and year GMC trucks use two different panels. One is designed for vehicles without the rear defrost and one for full equipment models.

You may be able to find dressed-up AC control panels for your vehicle as well. Depending on the original package, many manufacturers do provide trim upgrades that will work with a variety of models. When knobs or slide controls have broken off, you can often purchase these pieces separately from the complete assembly. In addition, you can find knobs and sliders in a variety of colors to customize the look of your dash.

When you are searching for an AC control panel for sale, start your online search with us. By entering your vehicle information into our search box, you will find the lowest prices quickly. When you start you search with us, you do not need to look anywhere else.