AC Compressors for Sale

Air conditioning systems in all vehicles have been modified over the past 30 years to include new technologies. The use of small and concentrated compressor units are common in late model vehicles. If you’re searching online for AC compressors for sale, the process of finding the exact part you need can be tedious. Taking care of the AC system inside of a vehicle is just one part of the process of vehicle ownership. Pro Auto USA features the largest online inventory of compressors, evaporators and other parts needed for an AC system repair.

What an A/C Compressor Does in a Vehicle

Coolant is supplied through automobile engines and is disbursed through the heating and cooling system. The AC compression component accepts the raw coolant and turns this into cooled air that is blown into the ductwork of each vehicle. The compressor works to cool heated air when needed for climate control. These units are often the first component to fail due to the non-stop usage that they receive in modern vehicles.

Things That Cause Vehicle AC Systems to Fail

1. Leaking coolant

Fluid that is removed from a vehicle compromises the integrity of the engine. Because engines need fluid for cooling purposes, leaked coolant can lead to A/C problems. Vehicles that leak fluid can often put more strain the compressor and cause failure. Not every vehicle has a low pressure switch to notify of a loss in fluid.

2. Damaged fuse or compressor clutch

Fuses are often used in air conditioning systems in vehicles to regular the electronic pulses needed for parts to engage and disengage. A blown fuse can cause a number of electrical issues and prevent a compressor from working properly. A compressor clutch is the assembly that helps to turn on a compressor. These clutches are part of the complete assembly and can contribute to failure if these work incorrectly.

3. OEM Parts Age

Manufacturers of automobiles produce parts that will not last forever. Even the best vehicle maintenance cannot totally prevent parts failures. The age of your vehicle can be one contributing factor to the drop in efficiency of your A/C unit. The first sign of a noisy unit or other issue is often the time that a person must have a diagnostic procedure preformed to validate the problem.

Prices for AC Compressors and Accessories

Dealer pricing always varies as does local retail shops. Most car owners use third party resources to help locate an electronic part for an air conditioning system. Pro Auto USA currently maintains hundreds of different suppliers with a range of low priced auto parts for sale. The quotes distributed on this very website remove all research needed to find parts for sale online.

It is through this network that essential components like AC compressors, evaporators, compressor clutch and air conditioning hoses are found. Take a moment and search the database that is offered to you here. Find both import and American made manual AC parts and electronic components.