Transfer Cases for Sale

The drive train system in all four-wheel drive enabled vehicles uses what is known as a transfer case for engagement. These can be produced by automakers in multiple versions. The most common types of assemblies that are found through Internet sellers are preowned condition units transfer cases for sale. Pro Auto USA maintains what could be the largest source to find these units for sale prices online. If you can’t find a case locally, researching our database will usually find a match for you.

Types of Transfer Cases in 4×4 Vehicles

1. Manual or Stick Shift

There are two different versions of manual case assemblies. These were used until the late 1980s before electronic modules were commonplace. Some units consist of a manual level that must be engaged from inside of a 4WD vehicle. Popular manufacturers of these units include Borg Warner and New Process Gear. A secondary type of manual edition unit requires the turning of a special known located on the driver side of a front axle. These are more common in Jeep vehicles built prior to 1988.

2. Automatic Assembly

Just like an auto transmission, the automatic transfer case uses a series of gears combined with electronic controls. Modules are used to send electronic pulses to the drive train system to engage the various types of gearing needed for off-road activities. The automatic units are more common in vehicles produced within the past 25 years in the global auto market. The automatic assemblies still maintain the use of transfer case fluid to ensure that all gears are lubricated when shifted.

Preowned Transfer Cases Fluid Tested

Buying from a dealer is a regular process. What is not regular is the testing that can go into validating a used unit. Because used condition case assemblies have high mileage, the tests that one dealer performs can help you decide if quality is present or not. Every transfer case assembly needs a special type of fluid. Some automakers rely on synthetic fluids while others use standard ATF types. Buying a used condition unit that has been fluid tested is important to the installation quality.

The seals that are used to keep dirt and other debris out of the gearing chamber can leak or crack if fluid incorrect. A person who is researching what type of transfer case fluid to use for a 4×4 vehicle does have options. Buying direct from a dealer able to verify all of the quality details about each unit is always best. Pro Auto USA works with top drive train parts company to supply thousands of auto parts customers with quality transfer cases.

Extended Warranty for Transfer Cases

One of the last things that buyers need to ask about is a warranty plan. Some case assemblies are in better condition than others. What matters is the warranty protection that a company attaches with a purchase. Asking upfront about protection plans can make a low cost transfer case seem like an even better deal with a warranty plan applied. The automatic search system that is functional on this page presents warranted drive train case assemblies from hundreds of U.S. suppliers.