Differentials for Sale

Pro Auto USA knows the importance of a differential and it’s key component functionality in the automotive vehicle. We also know how much of a pain it can be to find the right one for your car.

What is a differential?

Commonly called the rear end or pumpkin, it is a large case that contains various gears and is usually located at the rear of the vehicle, unless of course it is a front-wheel drive vehicle. They are housed in a container that is a combination of a transfer box and transmission. The differential gets its input power from a driving source, typically a drive or propeller shaft. It then transfers rotational energy via gears through the axle and onto the drive wheels.

This permits the two outbound drive wheels to turn at different speeds when the vehicle makes a left or right turn. The outside wheel, in a turn, rotates faster and travels farther than the inside wheel. The speed of one wheel changes the rotational speed of the other wheel so there remains a synchronized balance or ratio. Limited slip differentials drive both wheels at the same time by using a clutch mechanism, and at the same time, permit the ratio of wheel revolution to change in a turn. Simple differentials use a ring and pinion gear to transfer torque energy to the wheels.

When do I need to replace my differential?

How do you know if your differential is worn or malfunctioning? A rear end will produce a loud knock or clunk when the transmission is shifted from neutral to drive or neutral to reverse. The clunking noise indicated excess play in the gears, a chipped tooth or a bad bearing. Lack of differential oil or lubricant, or oil that has become degraded, accounts for most wear and sudden breakage. The rear end can break or lock up, leaving the vehicle with no forward or reverse travel. Front ends may not produce an audible clunk, but may whine and produce a metallic metal-against-metal noise.

Where can I find differentials for sale?

Pro Auto USA has the perfect front or rear differential fit for all makes and models of foreign and domestic cars, such as Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler, VW, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Lexus, Saab and most exotic sports cars.

Our inventory includes front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive differentials for cars and trucks. Makes and configurations include Conventional or Open types, Limited Slip, Manual Locking and Automatic Locking. Used differentials that have passed quality and performance testing are available for sale at reduced prices. Re-manufactured differentials carry parts and housings that meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications as far as design, fit and performance, with warranties provided.