Transmission Control Modules For Sale

Pro Auto USA parts supply has vast experience when it comes to identifying and selling transmission control modules, or TCMs.

The TCM, a small electronic computer encased in a box, is usually mounted on the firewall behind the engine. It is a small, compact CPU that interpret signals from various sensors which govern transmission operations. It works in conjunction with the engine control module, but primarily is responsible for selecting the proper gear and shifting time that allows the vehicle to maintain optimum performance. It measures different input information from sensors, like engine RPM, throttle position and vehicle speed. Once it receives signals from the various sensors, such as the turbine speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, kick down switch, cruise control, brake light switch, transmission control and transmission fluid temperature sensor it activates a solenoid inside the transmission. The solenoid valve directs transmission fluid to disengage or activate small brakes and clutches in the transmission that control the gear shifting sequences. This prevents slippage and lag time when the vehicle needs to shift properly during different driving conditions.

What does the TCM do? The TCM promotes smoother shifting, better fuel economy, reduced emissions, improved shift timing, shift feel, faster shifting speed and better overall handling and response. It performs this function if the transmission is up-shifts or down-shifts, or in any of three modes: manual, automatic or semi-automatic. When the TCM receives a fault signal from one of the sensors or a related component, like the trans-axle, it stores and saves a fault code. It deletes the fault if it can not identify it.

The newest transmissions that have the 5-speed automatic option have control modules that keep the transmission system functioning at its optimum power band for hill climbing, city driving or freeway conditions. This type of control module nearly thinks and analyzes every possible parameter and then inputs a precise command to a single or multiple sensors.

Problems with the TCM arise when it incorrectly reads sensor data and sends back the wrong information, or the sensor is malfunctioning and sending false data or none at all. The TCM itself can fail when its microprocessor shorts out or burns out, even though it it getting correct sensor data. The module should be replaced when the sensors are in proper working order but the data is wrong from the control module.

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