Differentials & Axles for Sale

axles for salePro Auto USA knows that automotive axles are an important part of any vehicle’s drivetrain system. An axle is commonly a shaft or link from the differential (rear end gears) to the drive wheels. Some have joints and some have splines. Axles function independently, slowing or speeding up the drive wheel, depending upon the turning direction of the vehicle. They receive the power or engine torque directly from the rear case differential, or in the case of a front-wheel drive, the CV or constant velocity joint. Axles receive constant stress and shock from sudden acceleration and gear shifting, which makes them vulnerable to bending and breakage. A bent axle can throw the rotational axis of the rim-tire into an out-of-round condition which can cause serious road jarring and vibration. Smooth axle rotation is essential in a well balanced drive-train that must perform perfectly during all manners of engine speed and maneuverability.

Pro Auto USA carries a vast inventory of axles for all makes and models of vehicles on the road today, either foreign or domestic. Such makes include Ford, Chevy, VW, Dodge, Hyundai, Nissan, Jeep, Honda and many others. Axles are available for 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive car or trucks, including the different configurations: tandem drive, non-drive axles and single drive types. Our axles include high efficiency gearing, the proper weight and ratio specifications and the correct axle-to-brake design. We carry everything from used to re-manufactured axles for every customer application. You can be assured of the correct fit, design and performance criteria. We sell only the highest quality parts and components, whether they are tested, functioning used axles or brand-name re-manufactured units. Our re-manufactured axles come complete with warranties against defects and premature breakage. If we do not have your specific make and model axle, we will locate it from our vast network database of suppliers, at comparable, affordable prices and the same high-quality standards.

Our website is geared for accurate and speedy orders with a special Parts Finder that will help you find your Axles for sale. We are a leader in the automotive parts supply industry and fully stand behind every automotive product we sell. Contact us now for that special price, quality service response and large inventory of the highest quality automotive parts!