Steering Columns for Sale

The steering systems that are produced for the global auto market feature technology that has improved vehicle operation. A steering column is often the most underrated vehicle component apart from the engine and transmission. Researching a replacement assembly through online retailers does take a level of understanding about the different steering columns for sale online. Pro Auto USA carries one of the largest inventories for replacement motor vehicle parts and accessories.

Why Steering Columns are Hard to Find

The removal of integral auto parts from a vehicle usually takes trained professionals. A person who specializes in the removal of a steering column has to have the right tools to complete the job. The average person does not have access to a column puller to remove an old column in hopes of completing a new installation. There are a limited number of qualified repair personnel in the U.S. who have steering column pullers. This is what can make a column rare to find through the second hand market.

Most Common Steering Columns in Use

1. Standard

The standard edition column dates back before the turn of the 20th century in vehicle production. These regular columns are still in use today as a basic option for some vehicle brands. These consist of a regular shaft that is a one-piece unit. These are commonly found in all automaker brands from 1920 to 1980. Some units feature a 3 to 4 speed shifting mechanism. Buying a standard edition steering column is quite common. Finding one that is in excellent condition can be more of a challenge.

2. Tilt

A tilt column provides more flexibility for drivers. Unlike the stationary installation that a standard unit provides, a tilt wheel column provides a 45 degree up or down position. This positioning can be accomplished with a level mechanism or electronic module. The tilt systems were introduced in luxury vehicles and slowly made it into the average motor vehicles that are in production worldwide. The tilt column, lever and modules are often sold as one complete unit.

3. Racing

Vehicles that are meant for high acceleration often feature what is known as a racing steering column. These are similar in functionality to a standard column design. One difference in these steering wheel assemblies is the way that shifting is completed. While most column based shifters are positioned on the shaft, a racing unit can have a shifting ball designed for installation on a vehicle floor. These are meant to provide immediate access to up or down shifting during high acceleration.

How Quality Differs with Steering Wheel Columns

The automaker that builds a column produces what are known as OEM units. These original builds are positioned into vehicles during the assembly line construction. Complete assemblies that are replaced by auto owners or qualified mechanics after the production period has ended are usually offered as preowned or used condition. These are most commonly found as second hand units. There are a number of rebuilding companies in the U.S. that promote remanufactured steering wheel column assemblies for sale apart from brand new OEM builds.

How to Find a Steering Wheel Column Assembly

Once a unit has been removed from a vehicle, code numbers are often used to help a person identify what type of column is needed for a replacement. These codes can be in the form of a metallic stamp on the shaft or a manufacturer nameplate. Once this information is known, locating an online dealer can help save a lot of time and money. Pro Auto USA provides its nationally connected database of used steering wheel columns here online.