Engine Control Module

Scania 16-litre V8 Euro 5 engine
Scania Group / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Pro Auto USA knows that the computer control module for any vehicle is the electronic monitoring heart of the engine. The computer control module, also called the powertrain control module (PCM) has circuit boards housed in a metal case that sit in the engine compartment. It’s sole job is to monitor various engine performance systems, like the air/fuel mixture for proper emissions through the catalytic converter, or the timing spark that governs engine firing ignition. It also determines and adjusts the idle mixture for proper warmup. The closed loop feature of the module takes care of the system automatically. The closed loop feature allows the computer to work by preset programs when the engine is cold.

Think of the engine control module as a traffic cop that interprets all engine performance signals from the various sensors, and then adjusts them to exacting performance parameters. Many sensors are involved that have specific duties, and they include the throttle position sensor, coolant sensor, oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor, air intake sensor, knock sensor, crankshaft and camshaft angle sensors. The control module has information cells that store the code for optimum engine performance. The control module can read the data from one or all of these sensors at a very fast rate, interpret the data and then send back the proper code to adjust the sensor.

The engine control module can also alert the driver if one of the sensors has failed, which could result in a rough running engine. A dash light that shows “Service Engine Soon”, or “Check Engine” is a common warning of sensor failure or a component failure that will not allow the sensor to send the correct signal. If the problem is severe enough, the computer will default to a “limp” mode which allows the engine to run but lets it use extra gas and excessive emissions. The limp mode permits the driver to make it to a repair station. Technicians then use a scanner to interpret the trouble code that identifies the exact sensor or system failure. For example, a problem such as a defective fuel pump, air pump or radiator cooling fan can be pinpointed as the failed component.

Pro Auto USA can match the correct control module to your vehicle. They have the know how and expertise in knowing which module belongs with your engine according to engine size, design and make. They consider whether any after-market or high performance systems exist on your vehicle and make allowances for it. Computer control modules come for a variety of vehicle brands and makes, including domestics such as Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and Cadillac, and foreign makes such as Honda, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Saab and others. If your car or truck is exotic in make and model, Auto Pros will have the part. If they do not have the part in stock, they can find and order it from their vast network of suppliers. Check out new or re-manufactured parts. Use the easy Parts Finder to locate the exact part you need. Simply input your make, model, year and features in the finder box.

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