Turbos for Sale

Engines burn a mixture of fuel and air. The fuel may enter the combustion chamber through fuel injection or carburetion. Air is normally drawn into the chamber through the air filter by atmospheric pressure. A turbo charging system creates a higher amount of air, or pressurized air, to be sent into the chamber.

The basics of turbos

The gases that are expelled in the exhaust system of an engine are wasted energy. Turbos make use of normally discharged gases to turn a turbine. The turbine forces more air into the engine of the vehicle. When there is more available air, more fuel can then be used while still maintaining the fuel to air ratio of the engine. The higher amount of fuel produces a larger explosion from combustion. This results in more power being delivered by the engine.

As the piston returns to the top of the cylinder to begin a new cycle, unburned fuel and burned gases are pushed out through the exhaust system of the engine. On the exhaust side, spent gases are directed over a turbine wheel. The force of the exhaust turns the turbine. This is similar to the movement of blades on a windmill. A shaft connects the output of the turbine to the engine and a compressor or air pump. The compressor is turned by the shaft, creating compression and forcing the additional air into the combustion chamber.

This type of system is designed for additional power. It also improves fuel efficiency when used to make the most out of wasted energy in the exhaust gases. More manufacturers are using turbine systems to maximize fuel economy without sacrificing power. An additional benefit is a reduction in emissions, a reason why they are often found on diesel engines. At the same time, the engine itself must be strong enough to support the additional force or power that it is producing.

Superchargers are different systems. These use a compressor to pump outside air into the combustion chamber. They are driven by a chain or belt from the crankshaft of the engine. Superchargers do improve the power produced by the engine but do not add to the fuel efficiency. This design is beneficial on racing vehicles.

There are many types of turbochargers on the market including, staged or sequential and parallel twin. Use the search bar located at the top of this page to find a great selection of turbos for sale. We can help you find exactly the right equipment for your vehicle.