spare-tires-for-saleSpare Tires for Sale

One of the best things a vehicle owner can have in their vehicle is a spare tire. All new vehicles are produced with a spare tire in the rear of the vehicle. Used vehicles can be hit or miss when it comes to a spare tire inventory. This resource is one of the largest online to find spare tires for sale from a range of companies. If a tire is not listed here for sale, it’s likely that it is for a vehicle not used in the U.S.

A huge network of tire dealers have been added to our parts referral department. The growth of the second hand parts industry in the U.S. has created more demand for alternative parts. Essential vehicle maintenance like tire changes is so common that some dealers are now carrying extra inventory. The spare tires from U.S. and import vehicles found here are able to maximize value and quality.

Types of Spare Tires Available for Sale

1. Full Size Spare

This is the largest unit that is available for a secondary tire. These are not typically found in most passenger cars, trucks or vans unless specified by dealers. This type of tire is sometimes called a fifth tire because it matches the size and shape of all OEM tires on a vehicle.

2. Non-Matched Spare

These units are large size tires that are not currently matched to the additional tires that are in working condition on a vehicle. These are sometimes added by dealers or auto owners as a safeguard against a blowout. These large tires might not fit a vehicle correctly unless modifications to a rim are made.

3. Full Temporary Tire

The replacement wheels that come with a vehicle are matched in size and in shape. A temporary tire is slightly smaller and is only used for short durations. These are the most common type of replacement tire that is found in most vehicles. These are usually the same size for most makes and models of vehicles.

4. Small Temporary Spare

These tires have less tread than a standard fifth wheel tire or non-matched spare. The tread is reduced to ensure these tires can fit nicely into a vehicle for storage. The basic tread level is guaranteed for short distances only.

Preowned Spare Tires for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

Finding a local resource is tough for tires and other exterior parts. Not all companies are willing to part with just one tire to add to your collection. The dealer network that exists here on this website is able to link hundreds of used tire suppliers together.

All prices and inventory matching that takes place using this resource removes any offline work. The preowned tires for sale from the Auto Pros company are designed to give OEM quality. Locating U.S. spare tire dealers is not an issue using the automated quote and inventory search tool here.