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Chrysler introduced several new engines at the start of the 21st century. The older AMC editions that were still used in Jeep vehicles were upgraded with new builds. The EKG series of motors was aptly named PowerTech and featured a V6 size. This engine is one of few that is still built in Detroit. These engines first made their mark in the Dodge Ram truck series in 2002.

The 3.7 engine is a single overhead cam design that features what is known as a dual head. This provides two valves as a way to increase the airflow for additional horsepower. The fuel injection system as well as the aluminum head have contributed to the long-term usage rate of the EKG series. Buying a used 3.7 Jeep engine from this resource can save you time and money.

3.7 V6 PowerTech Engines for Sale

Finding resources to purchase engines that are in good condition takes a coordinated effort. The team of suppliers that we’ve assembled to distribute Jeep engines ensures quality is present in all shipments. If you came here to find a Jeep motor, our network of engine sellers will fulfill each order placed. You might be searching for the Dodge or Mitsubishi 3.7 units instead. The standard output 3.7 V6 in the Powertech design is what you’ll find quoted in price here.

Because the PowerTech V6 is now discontinued, locating one of these units with a warranty intact is difficult. The engine suppliers that are used in the Auto Pros network ensure that all motors are warranted. This means that all of the original Chrysler parts are covered. The OEM parts installations that helped to preserve engine life are part of the extended warranty plans with each used motor. The 2002 to 2012 production life of the 3.7 PowerTech engine has provided our company with trusted units for sale.

Used 3.7 Jeep Engine Price Quotes

All auto parts sold from this resource feature automated quotes. What this means to buyers is simplicity. Buying a 3.7L V6 here is easy once quotes are distributed. The automated system for quotes installed here instantly searches thousands of U.S. auto companies stocking the OEM Chrysler PowerTech motors. All matches that are found in the automated system are presented here online. This tool can be one source used to find additional preowned motors that can be in the Chrysler family. Finding a good resource to buy Jeep motors at a discount price is beneficial. Pro Auto USA is a trusted used Jeep engines source.