Air Bags for Sale

Pro Auto USA prides itself on their knowledge of airbag function and design. Airbags are a crucial occupant protection device which activate automatically in cases of collision or impact. Checking airbag functionality is a very important matter, and we make it easy to find airbags for sale.

How Do Airbags Work?

They have a central control unit that contains sensors, like accelerometers, impact detectors, gyroscopes, brake pressure indicators and wheel rotation sensors. The sensors are used for specific applications, depending upon the airbag location and function. These parts can be difficult to find.

How Do Sensors Work?

Upon an impact, a sensor alerts the ACU (airbag control unit) which triggers the release of propellant from inside a gas generator. The gas instantly inflates a thin, fabric bag. When body pressure is exerted against the bag, it releases the expanded gas from small vent holes, gradually deflating. Depending upon the severity of the collision, the control unite can trigger one or several airbags for any number of passengers.

Types of Airbags

Many are used in vehicles, particularly newer models which protect every type of directional impact and shock pressure a vehicle can experience. The types include front, shaped driver airbags, side door and side torso, side tubular or curtain, knee and rear curtain. Each type is monitored for pressure changes by a sensor, offering complete body protection in most accident scenarios.

Common Issues

Faulty operation is usually first detected from a dash indicator light, with the key in the Off or On position. Sometimes, a blinking dash light accompanied by a buzzing noise under the ACU means you have a grounded cable under the steering wheel. A bad fuse can keep the airbag system from deploying. A worst case scenario involves an actual collision where one or none of the airbags deploy. If the ACU fails, chances are none of the airbags will deploy. For single airbag failures, the culprit is usually a disconnected or shorted sensor.

Need Replacement Parts?

Pro Auto USA parts supply carries a vast inventory of airbags, control units and sensors for nearly every make and model vehicle. Domestic vehicles include Ford, Cadillac, Dodge and Chrysler, while foreign examples include Hyundai, VW, Nissan, Saab, Honda, Suzuki, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Toyota, Porsche and others. Pro Auto USA carries some re-manufactured parts, while most airbags for sale come in new condition. If we do not have your part in stock, we can locate and obtain a component or system from their large database of suppliers.