2004 Mustang Headlights

The Mustang by the Ford Motor Company is perhaps one of the world’s most successful sports cars, since it has been popular since its introduction in 1964 with no signs of its popularity dyeing out. However, just because it is a nice sports car, does not mean it is immune to aging; its parts will need to be maintained and replaced regularly as with any other vehicle. One of the most common parts to need to be replaced on any vehicle is the various headlight components. These are possibly the most crucial parts to make sure are in top working order of any part on your car, as they are what facilitates you being able to drive and maneuver safely at night, and they are what allow other drivers to see and avoid you in the dark. These are one of you most key safety components on your vehicle, as night is the most dangerous time to drive. Statistically, accidents most commonly occur at night, yet only 25% of cars are on the road at night. This means it is crucial to take every step possible to ensure your safety on the road.

DeusXFlorida (2,006,995 views) – thanks guys! / Car Photos / CC BY

While headlight light bulbs are the most commonly replaced item on vehicles, many people do not realize that other headlight components need to be replaced as well; they also do not understand why the headlight components fail/need to be replaced in the first place. The light bulb that is in your vehicles headlamp has a lifespan similar to those that are in your house; eventually the filaments will wear out, and the light bulb will die and need to be replaced. The headlamp component that people do not often realize needs to be replaced is the headlamp lens. Over time due to aging, this lens can deteriorate; this deterioration can result from a combination of factors including: the lens cracking from flying debris on the road hitting the headlamp lens. The other common reason for the headlight lens to need to be replaced, would be when they become cloudy due to oxidization, which reduces the efficiency of the headlight. If any of your headlight components fail, it is vital to replace them quickly, as they are your best asset at night.

The Ford Mustang has had five generations of vehicles since its inception in 1963; when considering replacing headlight components for a 2004 Ford Mustang, it is important to keep in mind that this year was the last year of the fourth generation of Ford Mustang, so you need to make sure any part you buy will fit this year specifically. When looking for replacement parts for older years of vehicles, buying used parts using our parts finder can be highly beneficial. Our parts finder is easy to use as you simply put in the information for your car, and you get quotes from our suppliers for prices. Using our parts finder will give you an ease of mind, as you can rest assured you are getting the part you need at a great price.