Jeep Cherokee Lower Control Arms

The Jeep Cherokee is an incredibly tough vehicle which was even voted in Kiplinger’s “10 Cars That Refuse To Die.” Keeping one for years is easy if you follow simple maintenance repairs and drive carefully. However, every vehicle eventually needs good, used replacement parts to keep it running like new. If you are looking for high quality, used auto parts to restore or rebuild your car, let help find the parts you need.

Brett Levin Photography / / CC BY

One component on a vehicle that often needs replacing after extensive wear and tear, is the lower control arms. Control arms help control your wheel’s travel, keeping it in place, and allowing the driver to control its movement with precision. There are usually three different types of control arms on a vehicle, upper control arms, lower control arms, and rear trailing arms. On most cars, including Jeep Cherokees, the lower control arms take a pounding since they sit low and handle most of the weight and spring of the vehicle. Jeep Cherokees may take more of a beating during use since Cherokees are known for their excellent off-road handling. So drivers are not afraid to tackle tough roads and paths which will test the best lower control arms.

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