Power Steering Pump for Ford Taurus

The Taurus by Ford is one sedan that used a power steering pump. The seals do leak and this can lead to issues. An assembly that is not pumping fluid correctly will make it hard to steer. A lot of the same vehicles built in various factories used identical components. This means failures are more common than you think. You can buy a power steering pump for Ford Taurus cars right here at Auto Pros USA. Diagnosing Taurus Steering Problems Can you see leaking fluid? In most cases, the seal will begin to leak prematurely. A break can be found upon examination. As the fluid comes out of the pump, the serpentine belt will throw the fluid around the interior of the motor. It is easy to spot too much liquid upon a close examination of the motor. To change the Taurus power steering pump, you will have to remove the serpentine belt. There are two pulleys that the belt is wrapped around. You can and should check these for proper rotation. A bent pulley is what might cause the actual pump issue. A wrench can be purchased from a local auto parts store to remove the assembly. You can get a better look at the unit once it is taken out of your vehicle. Rebuilt Pumps Versus OEM There are companies that now sell reman steering pumps. Some popular name brands do exist and the price is similar to what you will pay for a brand new one. What is changed out inside of these is a basic series of parts. In many respects, an OEM model that is in used condition has the same lifespan. In any case, you do have to remove […]

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Flywheel for 6.2 Diesel Engine

The GM 6.2 engine used a flywheel for its power in many Chevrolet vehicles. This is not the same type as the gasoline variants found in some motors. You can identify parts by the stamp number although these are not always correct. It is common for a car owner to have problems finding a flywheel for 6.2 diesel engine blocks. Auto Pros USA has a huge inventory of surplus diesel parts on sale on this website. The Detroit Diesel block was only built for a 10-year period in the United States. This was the primary motor found inside of the C/K, Blazer and Suburban vehicles that offered the diesel as a gasoline fuel alternative. There were many manual shift transmissions that were connected to the 6.2 flywheel. The SM465 Muncie is one example. Used 6.2 Flywheel Parts To correctly install engine parts, you will need to have a good set of tools. The clutch pressure plates and other components should really be changed too. Just putting in the flywheel assembly might not fix some problems. A bend in the wheel or other defect is what will cause a majority of problems. The used 6.2 diesel flywheel for sale that we offer people on this website is known as a pull out. A junk GM brand vehicle has been taken apart. All of the components that are worthy of reselling have been removed. These are collected, graded, cataloged and then taken to our inventory. Everything is guaranteed to fit although might not have a stock part number. 6.2 Warranty Program APUSA has one of the strongest and longest plans for warranties available. The only way that we can keep our reputation growing is by treating customers […]

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Side Mirror for a 2008 Ford Focus

The side mirror used in Ford Focus vehicles is the same for the driver and passenger side. What changes is the shape of the ABS plastic. There are retaining clips and a bolt that are on the rear side of the assembly. These will not match every trim year though. Auto Pros USA has a side mirror for a 2008 Ford Focus in stock. These are used products. Mirrors Fit 2008 to 2011 Ford Motor Company used the exact same style, size and shape for the display through the 2011 production year. These units have ridges on the section where it connects to your vehicle. This is not the same version as what appears on the 2002 through 2007 cars. A carrier bolt with a pigtail chain is attached to secure those earlier editions. The tabs on the back of the replacement Focus side mirror are plastic. These are known to break of placed under pressure. Vehicles that are involved in a hit and run usually have the plastic assembly broken. This component is one most common to swap out on the compact passenger cars by Ford. Replacing Your Ford Focus Mirrors You have the choice between aftermarket or OEM. There are companies in Japan and the United States that produce direct fit side mirrors. These are not licensed by Ford although these are less expensive compared to official components. APUSA supplies junk yard Focus car parts to its consumers. The best thing about these editions is that you do not need tools for assembly. The clips line up in the same spot. All you have to do is press the mirror onto the holder and it will fit. What we do is remove the […]

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