Blower Motor Replacement Parts

The blower motor on your vehicle circulates the air for heating or cooling the passenger compartment. Blower motor failure can occur from age, electrical problems or even water damage. No matter how well the rest of your heating or AC system work, without the blower motor you will not have any benefits. When you need a replacement blower motor, let us help you find one quickly. Enter the information into our search box and get your part quickly.

If you have been hearing a scraping or grinding noise when the motor is running, it is a sign of potential motor failure. Otherwise, you should first check the motor to ensure that it is receiving the required electrical supply. You can use a multi-meter to test the wiring. Make sure no wires are loose and that the fuse for the circuit is not blown.

The blower motor on most vehicles is located under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle. Other models will have the motor tucked along the firewall behind the engine. The difficulty in replacing a blower motor normally comes from a lack of reasonable access. Some vehicles will require a complete dash disassembly to access the motor.

You should also consider whether you need to purchase new fan blades, or a fin assembly, along with the motor assembly. If the blower motor has been damaged by water, rust may also create a problem with the blades. Some fin assemblies are made from plastic and can break as they age. Otherwise, once you remove the motor, remove the blades and install them on your new motor.

For safety, remember to disconnect the electrical supply to the motor before you begin working on it. You do need to purchase the right model motor for your vehicle. You also want a quality motor. When you are looking for a blower motor for sale, we can help. Use the search box, located on top of this page, and find the part you need at the lowest possible price quickly.