Stop Lamp Replacement Parts

Manufacturers feature many different types of tail lights and stop lights on vehicle models. High mounted stop lamps are one version that adds both safety and a distinct look to the model. When you need one, we provide fast online shopping.

When you apply the brakes on your vehicle, the stop lamps are designed to light up and alert drivers behind you that you are slowing down or stopping. They may be placed very high along the both rear sides of your vehicle. A third brake light, mounted in the center bottom of the rear window is referred to as a Center High Mount Lamp (CHMSL).

Cars with spoilers may mount the light in the middle of the spoiler. Trucks, vans and other tall vehicles may place this third light between the rear window and roof. High mounted stop lamps may use an amber color instead of the traditional red shade. They can also use a cluster of LEDs or a neon tube. While the feature does add a unique appearance, it is designed for improved safety.

The position of the extra stop lamp is more likely to get the attention of the driver behind you. It also allows other drivers to see your braking signal if the left or right rear of your vehicle is not visible due to another vehicle changing lanes.

Many vehicles make use of this extra lamp including Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Toyota, Volvo and BMW. Each stop lamp will be unique in the style and function. Make sure you order the correct part for your vehicle for proper operation.

When you need to find a high mounted stop lamp for sale, we can help you find the correct model for your vehicle. Enter your search information into the box at the top of this page. No matter what style stop lamp you need, we can help you find it at the best price.