Truck Bed Liners

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Used Bed Liners

Protecting the bed of a new or used pickup truck is the sole purpose of the bed liner. Hauling heavy loads can wreak havoc on the paint used in late model or classic pickup trucks. While automakers treat pickup truck beds with special lacquer to preserve quality, once damage happens a pickup truck bed must be prepared professionally.

An easy way to improve the look of any truck is by purchasing used bed liners from trusted retail sources. The search tool on this page presents hundreds of different liners that are in stock. These include various used Ford bed liners, used Chevy bed liners and protection mats for other trucks used in the U.S.

3 Main Types of Bed Liners for Trucks

1. Rugged Liners

A rugged liner is typically designed with a space-age polymer. These resemble the look and feel of hard plastic although are very durable. The rugged liners used in most light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty trucks are able to protect the paint and quality of the bed for decades. These can be purchased from aftermarket suppliers or salvage resources here online.

2. Rubber Liners

A more inexpensive model for protecting the bed of a pickup truck is the rubber liner. These liners are often found for sale in retail parts stores and can be purchased for less than $50. The rubberized feel provided in these liners to similar to polymers used to create garbage cans. A rubber liner for any Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Chevy or Jeep truck can be purchased using this resource.

3. Carpeted Liners

This third option for protecting a truck bed against damage, scratches or dents is the carpeted option. These are not as thick as rugged or rubber liners although can provide a basic level of protection. These are often pulled out of salvage vehicles and sold on the second hand market for wholesale prices. These can be found using the auto parts locator service provided here.

How to Buy a Truck Bed Liner Online

Aside from using the search locator offered on this page, there are some helpful tips to use when learning how to purchase the right liner online. Some dealers prefer to sell complete liners that includes bolts, screws or clamps. If these are not provided, they must be purchased from dealerships or automotive resources. This can add to the replacement costs.

Purchasing the correct mounting hardware for a liner can save time as well as money. Knowing what type of liner is needed is the first step of the purchase process. Accurate measurements must be taken of the truck bed prior to replacing the OEM liners. Most installations can be completed using basic tools.

Purchasing used liners for truck beds from the Pro Auto USA company is easy. The year and the make of a truck must be entered into the search locator. Once this happens a list of in stock liners are offered. This list includes immediate price quotes from some of the top dealers inside the auto parts distribution network in the United States.