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Used Speedometer Cluster

The dashboard of every vehicle includes what is known as an instrument cluster that helps to organize many of the visual controls for vehicles. Inside of this cluster of gauges is the speedometer cluster. This visual aid has been used for decades in the automotive industry to allow drivers a glance at the current speed of travel. The real truth about speedometer clusters is that these devices can fail. A cable is not the only component that can go bad in these units.

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Types of Speedometer Cluster Problems

One of the common ways that a driver can tell if a cluster is going bad is the intermittent display of speed. Most vehicles feature what is known as a pointer or needle to display the current vehicle speed during acceleration. These needles are used in combination with digital controls to present a number of different data types useful for speed control inside modern vehicles.

1. Sticking Pointer

The needle or pointer uses power supplied by a speedometer cable linked to the throttle to provide an accurate measurement of current speed. This pointer can stick or become intermittent during regular usage. When cables have been changed and problems still exist, repair could be required for the entire cluster.

2. Incorrect Odometer Readings

There are two types of odometers used in most vehicles. These are digital and manual controls. Most vehicles are still equipped with the manual types that include 6 digits. When speedometer clusters are going bad, the odometer could be behind in mileage count or stop producing a rollover with each new mile.

3. Flashing Gauges

Digital controls have been equipped on most vehicles since the 1980s. These controls are LED bulbs that provide information to drivers during transport. When a speedometer cluster is not working correctly, gauges can flash or burn out. Fuses are used to control the illumination of LEDs and when changing these fuses does not help repair could be required.

4. Intermittent Gauges

Not all gauges on vehicles are LED illuminated. Some vintage vehicles use manual controls with pointers or needles. These gauges become intermittent regardless of changing cables or electronic cables. A speedometer cluster in working condition provides proper illumination as well as control for each gauge. Repairs may be required for intermittent gauges and cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles.

Is it Cheaper to Fix Speedometer Clusters?

There are some companies in North America providing repair work for instrument clusters and speedometer clusters for most vehicle brands. These companies generally have set minimums that are payable upon successful completion of a repair. Some owners of vehicles find that repairing a unit can be more expensive than simply replacing a unit. Prices always vary depending on repair company services and speed of return shipment.

Most companies repairing cluster assemblies, LEDs or pointers require prepayment in advance before work is started to fix any American or import instrument or speedometer assembly. The decision that many vehicle owners make when comparing repair prices to purchase used assemblies is common in the retail industry.

Used Speedometer Clusters for Sale

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