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Bavarian Motor Works, also known as BMW, is a German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and engines. The company was founded in 1917, and has since become world renown for being one of the best manufacturers of luxury vehicles. The corporation is based out of Munich in Germany, and is also the parent company of Mini cars, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. BMW is one of the best selling brands of luxury vehicles on the market today. For owners of BMW vehicles, you know well that these luxury vehicles take a lot to maintain; various parts go out and need to be replaced throughout the life of the vehicle. As an owner of a luxury vehicle, you will want to use OEM parts on your vehicle when performing maintenance, to ensure the continued high class quality and performance of your car.

This will leave many of you wondering what exactly an OEM part is. The term OEM confuses many car owners, because it is a term that tends to get used in many different ways. At its most basic definition, an OEM (which stands for original equipment manufacturer) part is the original part that came on the vehicle at the time of manufacturing/purchase. The reason it is referred to as an OEM part is that while it was the original part used on the vehicle, it was not produced by the car manufacturer, but instead it was made by a secondary company. So in contrast, any replacement part you buy from a retailer other than the original manufacturer (also known as an after-market part), is not OEM. On a luxury vehicle such as a BMW, it is often best to use OEM parts; these foreign luxury vehicles can be very complicated, so replacing parts with OEM parts will ensure the functionality of your vehicle.

While it is best to use OEM replacement parts on your BMW, buying OEM replacement parts new from the manufacturer is extremely expensive. A great way to save money on OEM parts is to buy these replacement parts used. Used parts are a great alternative to manufacturer parts, as they are sold at a fraction of the price. The easiest and most cost effective way to purchase used OEM parts for your BMW, is to buy them using our parts finder tool. The parts finder tool is the easiest way to buy used OEM parts. If you tried to find OEM parts on your own, you would have to go from retailer to retailer trying to find the part, and you would have no way of knowing if the part was really OEM. Using our parts finder tool is much easier; all you have to do is put in the information about your vehicle, as well as the part you need, and you will be provided with quotes for the OEM part from our database of thousands of used part retailers. This will ensure you get the used OEM part you need at the best price possible, the easiest way possible.