Used Trailblazer Headlights

Trailblazer SS
schm1t / / CC BY-NC-ND

There are many different types and styles of Trailblazer headlights. This model of Chevrolet sport utility vehicle has been around since 1999. You may be able to customize some of the later models with halo or projector beams. There are also LED lights, which can be brighter than the standard headlight bulb. Also depending on the type, the colors may range from blue, white or yellow shades of beam. You can install most Trailblazer headlights yourself, saving time and money from going to an auto repair shop or the dealer.Trailblazer headlights may not work for several reasons. It is important to diagnose the problem first, including inspecting other equipment such as making sure the battery has enough power.

The bulbs could be burned out, the fuse blown, or wiring damaged. Several factors can contribute to this such as extreme temperatures, heavy use or improper installation. You may also need to replace headlights after an accident that has damaged them. Usually you can replace them yourself, without needing to pay a professional at an auto repair shop or dealership. The vehicle manual may have instructions, or you can research online how to install headlights.

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