Front Door Window Regulator Parts

The front door window regulator for your vehicle is the mechanical portion of the system that allows your window to move up or down. This assembly is found on both manual and power windows. If you need a window regulator, we can help you find the correct model for your vehicle quickly and easily. Enter your search information into the box provided at the top of this page for the lowest online prices.

If your vehicle has power windows, you can purchase the assembly with or without the motor. Test the motor to see if it is operational to avoid the extra work and expense. You can use a multi-meter to test for voltage or you may be able to hear the motor turning.

Signs of Window Regulator Failure

The first signs of potential failure may be hearing increasing noise when you open or close a window. The window may often stick in certain positions and then jerk when it frees itself. Your window may then reach a point where it will not open or close at all. Another failure indication is the glass dropping from the assembly. Fortunately, the glass will not normally break if it does fall from the holder.

The bracket portion of the window regulator may also break. In most cases, the bracket can be replaced without replacing the window regulator or the glass. You will need to remove the interior door panel to access the window regular. The panel is normally held in place with a few screws and several clips. Use caution, the clips are easy to break. If you need to remove the glass from the assembly, remember to purchase the correct adhesive for proper reinstallation.

If you are looking for a front door window regulator for sale, you can search our national parts database. You will need to indicate if the regulator is for a manual or power window and driver or passenger side. Enter the information into our search box and let us take the work out of searching for auto parts.