Honda Civic Control Arm Replacement

The Honda Civic is one of the most reliable and durable vehicles on the market, which is why it has been so successful since it started being produced in 1973. However, if you have an older model, it may not be uncommon for various parts to wear out and eventually need to be replaced. One such part that commonly needs to be replaced on older Honda Civics is the control arms. At its most basic level, the control arms on a car is what holds the wheels to the vehicle; though this part has a much bigger job than that. The control arm is what allows the vehicle to move up and down, and absorb impacts in the road, while keeping the car up straight. For this reason, the control arms play a large role in the overall handling and maneuverability of a vehicle. This is why a key sign that your vehicles control arms need to be replaced is if it starts to not steer or drive as well, or if you start to notice the steering wheel wobbling when you go over a bump or pothole in the road.

This leads us to question what would lead a control arm on a Honda Civic to fail in the first place. Control arms, due to the purpose they serve, are meant to be extremely durable and handle wear and high impact; for this reason it is not a part that easily fails. Usually there are two reasons that the control arms on a vehicle would fail; the first, though least common reason a control arm would fail, is if it was damaged. While control arms are usually made out of iron or aluminum, which makes them difficult to damage, after years of use, there could be a circumstance in which they become damaged beyond repair. The most common reason that control arms need to be replaced is if the ball joint on the control arm, or the control arm bushing fails. These two parts more commonly fail due to damage than the control arm itself; often times however, to replace one of these parts, you must unfortunately replace the entire control arm.

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