Jeep Axle Replacement Parts

The axle configuration is the critical system for any Jeep. Jeeps manufactured from the 1970s to the present, incorporated Dana axles in their drive trains. Without good strong axles, Jeeps would not be able to handle the heavy loads and high torque situations that Jeep owners are known for. Finding a replacement OEM Jeep axle can be a daunting task without knowing where to find the correct part.

The typical Dana axle configuration includes inner axle spline counts of 10, 19, 29, 30, 32, 33 and 35. Gear ratios were in the range of 2.77:1 to 5.89:1. The carrier break ranged from 2.72:1-3.73:1 and 3.92-5.89:1, with some models using the higher speed of 2.72. These axles were used in both the front and rear configurations.

Dana began manufacturing high quality axle components in the 1940s, and still uses some of those designs today. The Dana 44 is the typical axle system found in most Jeeps. The design can be found in early models of the Jeepster Commando and Commando, available from 1967 through1973. One of the recent Jeep models to install this axle is the 2012 Wrangler Rubicon (2003-2012). Various Wrangler models have also used a Dana Jeep axle, from 1997 models to current editions. Used axles and parts are still available, the trick is knowing where to locate these items.

Dana axles have a proven track record, but like other parts, they need to be maintained and lubricated on a regular basis. Some models are known for durability issues, but these are related to diesel, big gas power and heavy loads. The main concern is the life of the differential bearing. Bearings will begin to wear out under heavy use after about 125,000 miles. The bearings become worn and pitted, increasing the friction between the parts. Increased friction leads to bearings slipping. This intense action wears into the hub, and tears the adjusting shims. Once the shims breakthrough, the differential bearing preload is greatly effected. The driver’s side usually fails first, but passenger side failure can be equally damaging. Not maintaining and lubricating the bearings may result in gear, differential and rear antilock brake failure. Finding used replacement parts for a good price should be done when trouble begins.

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