Junk Yards in Minot, SD

Many automobile owners and professional mechanics save real time, and a great deal of money, by purchasing high-quality, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) used auto parts through AutoProsUSA. In this age of internet technology the need for telephoning all of the junk yards in Minot, North Dakota simply does not exist. The surplus of quality used auto parts, coupled with internet access, allows AutoProsUSA to search the entire Nation’s used auto parts inventory and locate your used auto parts for you. Once the part is located, our nationwide network of reputable used parts professionals springs into action. They compete for the sale by offering you the lowest price.

Look into these three compelling reasons for buying used auto parts:


There are basically two avenues which you may travel regarding auto parts. These choices are either aftermarket, or OEM. While the OEM parts are well researched, carefully engineered, and meticulously manufactured, often aftermarket parts are developed and produced with a hint of universality. The careless design and universal fit of aftermarket parts can leave you with a part which neither fits correctly nor works properly.


AutoProsUSA specializes in locating high-quality used auto parts, from all over the U.S. We also use a fool proof method of keeping prices down. It is called competitive pricing. We strive to locate the part/s that you need through multiple sources. Once we have located your part/s, a price war begins between our vendors. They systematically “bid” against each other, steadily lowering their price in the process. You will be the winner in this war; by receiving the absolute lowest price possible. Sure, you can go ahead and call around the salvage yards in Minot (if there are any). You may even pay them a visit, if you do happen to find your part, then you will likely pay too much for it. The fact is that with no competition in pricing, you have no choice but to pay whatever price is demanded from you.


In the best case scenario, you have found your part. Maybe you paid a little too much, and maybe you paid a lot, but now the “bleeding has stopped” and you are ready to take delivery of said part. Depending upon what component that you are purchasing, you could wait hours for the salvage yard personnel to remove it from the salvage vehicle, or you may wait days. Then there are the logistics. If you are purchasing a large part, then you will need to make arrangements for transportation. If you will shop with AutoProsUSA, our vendors will bust their hump to get your part delivered to your home, shop, or office quickly, and conveniently. Log onto our website, enter your vehicle year, make, model, and engine size and let us do the rest.