Junk Yards in Statesboro, GA

We know that purchasing parts can be expensive whether you are customizing a car or you just need a specific part. Buying after market parts and sometimes even stock parts can put a huge dent in your wallet. Purchasing used parts is an inexpensive solution. Also, by purchasing used parts you are aiding in recycling parts. There are only a few problems with purchasing used parts is that you must call several junk yards to find the part you are looking for. Another problem is that most of the time you are limited to the junk yards that are in your area. That is where our company comes in. We are a parts locator service. By using our parts locator you will be connected with salvage yards that have your part.

Our company has a network of auto salvage yards across the nation. We can connect you to junk yards in statesboro ga and in your city. Our Parts Finder works by having the user fill out a search form. Prices can be sent by email, text message, or a phone call. The user will then select the part they want to purchase and it will be shipped to them. We guarantee that you will find the lowest prices using our service. The salvage yards listed do not get anything until you pick your part. This method makes the vendor with the best prices and best part get the most sales. Due to the nature of the industry as a company we cannot offer warranties, but the vender will occasionally offer a warranty. Look for warranties while you are shopping around for parts.

Shopping with us can provide a smooth, seamless transaction so you can get back to your car and life. Never be forced to call junk yard after junk yard just to be disappointed. We are truly dedicated to serving you, our customers, and providing the greatest service possible.