Used Mini Cooper Headlight Replacements

Maximum Mini
christian.senger / Car Photos / CC BY

The Mini Cooper is an iconic car. One of the key components to make it look as good as it did the day it rolled off of the lot is a good pair of working headlights. Over the years BMW has offered a variety of styles and shapes to mini headlights. Some of the more recognizable ones included high definition and even a Halo Projector. But the fact remains that if you’re planning on keeping your Mini looking great then you’re going to need to get headlights for it at a cost you can feel comfortable with. That’s where we come in.

Common Reasons For Mini Cooper Headlight Failure

Headlights in any car can fail for a number of reasons. BMW is typically very good at shipping cars out of factory with great working lights. The most common cause for headlight failure in Minis is a bad bulb or a bad connector. The after market headlight options in Minis are known for bad connectors or just coming out of the box bad.

Mini Cooper headlights are a big draw on the voltage system. The after market Halo projection bulbs and other high definition headlights are frequently a cause of dimming and going out because of this draw. The draw causes damage to the system on the whole and causes the headlights to dim.

After Market or Buying Used

Searching for mini cooper headlights for sale online has never been easier. At Auto Pro USA we have a huge database of parts suppliers and salvage yards from all over the country that are connected to you. We do not own or stock these parts we help you find a supplier who has the part for you.

When you’re looking for parts is it better to buy a new after market part or a used part? Well, we’re here to tell you that new is not always better. Many of the after market headlights in Minis are readily available in used models especially 2003-2007. We find the supplier who has the headlight you are looking for and then email, text, or call you when one has been found. Then you just order the part you need. It really is that simple.

Our database provides you a listing of parts being sold across the country and you’re free to shop around to find the best deal for you right now. That’s why it’s almost impossible to not find the part you want at a price that will make you happy. If a supplier in question is not offering the price you want they will not get the sale.

We believe in selling recycled parts. Not only does it reduce waste but it also ensures that working parts can be delivered for the best prices on the market. We don’t sell or stock any of the parts you see here ourselves, instead we direct you to suppliers online right now. It really has never been easier to get used headlights.