Scion TC Headlights

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If you’re driving a Scion tC, you’re actually driving the replacement for the Toyota Celica. When the Celica was discontinued, Toyota (manufacturer of the Scion) needed to fill the void left in its sporty coupe category.

Shopping for replacement Scion TC Headlights

The Scion tC’s stock headlight bulb is the 9006 bulb, which is 51 watts. The 9006 is a very common automotive light bulb, and you should stick with this bulb when replacing your tC’s headlight. Make sure you don’t replace your bulb with a higher-wattage bulb, because the Scion’s headlight assembly is composed mostly of plastic. A higher-wattage bulb could melt parts inside the Scion’s headlight assembly.Also, the tC’s headlight wiring harnesses have precise tolerances for power and heat. There have been many reported cases of these harnesses being melted as a result of installing higher-wattage bulbs.

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Another Word of Caution When Shopping…

Lots of companies dealing in aftermarket parts indicate that their bulbs are DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant. However, headlight bulbs are not regulated by the DOT. They are regulated by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). So, make sure the bulbs you are buying are SAE compliant.Read This before Installing Your Bulbs
Many Scion tC owners have complained that, when replacing the headlight bulbs, it is very difficult to remove the original bulbs. If this is your first time replacing your tC’s bulb, get a firm grip on the bulb, twist it to the left about 90 degrees, then pull it back. Rubber grippers that are used to open soda bottles should help you get a firm grip on the bulb. Just remember to not grip too hard, or you’ll break the bulb, and then you’ll really have a hard time getting it out!See for Yourself What Sets Apart from the Rest

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