Rear Door Window Regulator Parts

The rear door window regulator is the mechanical portion of the window system that allows you to roll your window up or down. This regulator is installed on both power and manual windows. When you need a replacement regulator, we can help you get the correct model at discount prices. Enter your search into the box at the top of this page to get results from our network of vendors.

There are three basic types of window regulators. One style uses a scissors mechanism. The second uses a center post and the third uses a center post with a cable attached to the window handle. The first two styles use gears to move the window; the third winds the cable around a spool. Power windows use a motor instead of a crank handle to operate the assembly.

Signs of Rear Window Regulator Failure

Your first sign of possible failure will be excessive noise when you roll your window up or down. The window may begin to stick in certain positions and then jerk itself free. You should inspect the assembly at this point. Once the jerking motions begins, damage can occur to the roller or window holder assemblies.

Eventually your window may not open or close at all. It can be extremely annoying to have the regulator fail with the window in an open position. Another failure can include the window glass falling from the bracket. Brackets and rollers may break; these pieces can normally be repaired without too much difficulty.

The interior door panel will need to be removed to access the window regulator. This piece is held in place with plastic clips and a few screws. Be careful when working with the clips, they do break easily. You should test the motor on a power window before you begin replacing components. This can be done with a multi-meter. You may also be able to see or hear the motor running when you press the window button.

If you need to remove the window glass to complete your repair work, purchase the correct type of adhesive to ensure the window is firmly held in place when you are finished. If you are searching for a rear door window regulator for sale, check our national parts database for discount prices. You do need to indicate if the regulator is for the driver or passenger side and whether the window is manual or power. Enter the information into our parts locator box and let us make searching for auto parts quick and easy.