Rear Lower Control Arms

The rear lower control arm on your car works to keep the wheel in alignment and provides additional stability and control on the road. These parts are used in double wishbone suspension systems. Failure of a lower control arm will create problems in your rear suspension system. We offer online shopping for all of your auto parts needs. Enter the name of the part you need into our locator bar to search our national database of auto parts.

The rear lower control arms on your vehicle works with the upper control arms to keep the wheels on your car aligned. The connection of the wheel to the control arms allows the wheel to swivel and move up and down over road surfaces. A worn out control arm or bushing can cause problems with the camber setting of your vehicle’s alignment.

Control arms can become damaged due to accidents, hitting a large pothole or running over a curb. They can also fail due to age although the bushings will normally wear out first. Replacing a control arm is not usually difficult but you may need to have the vehicle aligned afterwards. Newer vehicles employ both front and rear end alignment. In some cases, you may be able to make the needed adjustments yourself.

If you notice that a rear tire appears to be at an unusual angle, tilting inwards or outwards, you may want to inspect the control arms and bushings. Another sign of control arm failure will be unusual handling or excessive tire wear. Unless the arm was damaged in an accident, you should consider replacing both sides at the same time.

Do not forget the bushings when you order your repair parts. Some control arms will come with bushings. Others will require that you purchase the bushings separately. We provide easy, quick online shopping for all of your alignment parts. Count on us to help you find exactly the right parts for your vehicle. Use the search function at the top of this page to find your rear lower control arm for sale at the lowest possible price.