Rear Upper Control Arms

The rear upper control arm on your car is part of the rear suspension system. It provides control and stability while keeping the rear wheel aligned. When an upper control arm fails, you can have significant difficulty controlling your vehicle. We can help you find all of the repair parts you need for your vehicle. Use our locator bar to enter the name of the part you need and get results from our national database of auto parts.The rear control arms on your vehicle connect to the frame by a shaft. The shaft may also have a bushing. The arm is connected with a pin and bushing or ball joint to a knuckle. Upper and lower control arms usually work together and the system is referred to as a double wishbone suspension.Both upper and lower arms may be damaged due to an accident or from hitting curbs or potholes. The bushings or ball joints will wear out due to age. If you notice difficult handling or unusual tire wear patterns, take a look at the condition of the rear control arms. Another indication of damage is when a rear tire appears to be tilting inwards or outwards from your vehicle.

Many newer vehicles make use of rear wheel alignment. A defective control arm or bushing may create issues with the camber setting of your rear alignment. You may need to take your vehicle to a repair shop for this service after replacing any control arms. On occasion, you may be able to get the rear wheels into alignment yourself.

Do not forget that you may need new hardware, ball joints or bushings when you order your parts. Some arms will come fully assembled; others will require additional work. We can help you find all the rear suspension parts you need at the lowest possible prices. Use the search bar at the top of this page to find a rear upper control arm for sale, along with all the other components you need.