Clutch Slave Cylinders

The clutch slave cylinder on your vehicle receives hydraulic pressure from the clutch master cylinder. The slave cylinder operates a rod or release bearing to operate the clutch on a manual transmission. Cylinders wear out over time and lose the ability to provide pressure. This reduces the performance of the clutch and makes shifting difficult. We can help you find the slave cylinder you need. Enter your part information into the box at the top of the page to search our national parts database.

When you press on your clutch pedal, the master cylinder converts the mechanical power to hydraulic power. The cylinder contains a piston that moves back and forth inside. The movement of the piston compresses the hydraulic liquid creating fluid pressure. This pressure is transferred through a metal tube or high-pressure hose to the slave cylinder.

Problem symptoms of master and slave cylinders are similar. You may have to inspect both to determine which unit is not operating correctly. Normally you can tell this by a hydraulic fluid leak.

Slave cylinders come in two styles. One type will be mounted on the outside of the transmission and held in place with two bolts. A rod will extend from this cylinder when the clutch pedal is depressed. The rod will contact the clutch fork and activate the pressure plate. With an internal slave cylinder, the cylinder and release bearing are one piece and no fork is used.

When you work on a clutch cylinder, make sure to cap off attached hydraulic lines. This will reduce the loss of fluid and prevent debris from getting into the hydraulic system. Always inspect the hydraulic lines to ensure they are in good condition. Replace all o-rings and seals to prevent leaks. Hydraulic fluid must be free from contaminants to work properly. Air bubbles must be removed from the system by bleeding after all new parts are installed.

Before you begin working on cylinder replacement, have all of the supplies you need to complete your project. Purchase plenty of fresh hydraulic fluid for refilling the system and bleeding the lines. We can help you locate the parts you need quickly and easily. Use the search box located on the top of this page and find your clutch slave cylinder for sale at a great price.