Buy Used 3000GT Headlights On Line Bold, Japanese horsepower, tight, race car handling and sleek, cultured lines; all of these things make your 3000GT something of a legend among sports car enthusiasts. Whether you are launching hard off the line in your tricked out, naturally aspirated 3.0 or testing top speed with the famed 3.0 twin turbo, you need your ride looking as good as it runs. Regardless of how slick your paint job is, or how fly your rims are, if your headlights lenses are cloudy and discolored something is missing from the total package. Now, thanks to Pro Auto USA, there is an inexpensive and hassle free way to fix those “cloudy eyes” once and for all.

OEM versus Aftermarket
Sure, you can buy aftermarket headlight lenses with everything from dogs and ponies running through them to multi colored carnival lights flashing from the perimeter; but there is a saying among professional auto technicians and it goes like this: “Stock runs best.” You have to decide whether you want your headlight lenses to look “neato” while cruising the parking lot or function properly while taking a big bite out of a narrow piece of canyon highway. Aftermarket accessories (headlight lenses included) have their place alright, but between the cheap electrical connectors, distorted bulb sockets, and the lack of research and developmental design they never seem to look and function at the same level as the original equipment. Where will I ever be able to locate factory 3000GT headlights. You don’t have to. Let Pro Auto USA locate your factory original used headlight lenses using their extensive network of salvage professionals.

Used versus New
Assuming that you could locate new OEM headlight lenses for your 3000GT, the price tag would be astronomical. You will pay through the nose at those high priced new car dealerships with their mall location mark ups. Why not buy the same exact part at a fraction of the price, from one of our vendors who will bend over backwards to see that you are satisfied with your used Mitsubishi headlights. Pro Auto USA wants your business and we will tirelessly search our database of reputable salvage pros to find you the headlight lens that you need.

Why Shop On Line With Pro Auto USA?
When you shop from the convenience of your home or office, you can count on our nationwide network of vendors to step up in order to keep prices down. By entering your vehicle information, you are allowing us to unleash our unrivaled salvage resources; locating your headlight/s and starting a price bidding war among our suppliers (who have the headlight in stock). This all leads up to lower prices, better service, and a quality OEM used headlight lens/s delivered right to your front door.