Used Dodge Magnum Headlights

The name Dodge Magnum has been used for a variety of vehicles in the Chrysler family. In the 1970’s, the Magnum in the United States was a large coupe. Then in the 1980’s, the Magnum was a 2-door K-car. Finally, for 5 years in the first decade of the new millennium, the Magnum evolved into a station wagon. If you’re looking for headlights or a headlight assembly for any one of these incarnations of the Magnum, this is the website for you!

If you’re working on one of the cars from the 70’s, you’re probably looking at just replacing the headlight itself. This is also true of models from the 80’s, when the Magnum was a sporty model car. As the Magnum moved into the 2000’s, however, the transition to a headlight assembly was complete. If you’ve started researching the change of the assembly, then you know what you’re up against. You’ll need a number of tools, and you’re looking at having to remove the entire front bumper. There will be 12 bolts overall, 8 bolts per side that needs changed, 9 clips overall and 1 clip for each side that must be changed in one of the station wagon models.

We are here to help you locate the part you’re looking for, no matter for what year it’s needed. Our website allows you to enter the details of the vehicle for which you need a headlight assembly, and we take it from there. We search our network of vendors until we find just the part you need and then we connect you with the one that can help you. Doing this not only allows you to get your repairs finished and help save the environment at the same time. It’s easy to find the part you need with us, and when you purchase the part, you’re taking a part from a car that’s not on the road anymore to keep your vehicle on the road. This simple action keeps some chemicals and metals out of the landfills and preserves the Earth for future generations.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or email if you have questions about the part you need, or how our search engine can help you locate it. It’s our pleasure to help in any way possible with any step of the process, from research to acquisition. You can use phone or email to get in touch with us at any point. We look forward to helping you with your project, changing out headlights in your Dodge Magnum.