Used 42RLE Transmissions

Chrysler engineered the Ultradrive transmission technology in 1989 for immediate use in luxury and passenger vehicles. These gearboxes were built entirely in United States and produced many variations still in use today. The 42RLE is one of these editions that can be found here at Pro Auto USA. All inventory ready for purchase in the Chrysler inventory here is found through the search system at the top of this page.

The 42RE was the early version of the RLE transmission. These were meant for placement into Jeep vehicles. The rear-wheel configuration provided ensured that these units would fit most vehicles in the Chrysler lineup. Because each of these units is controlled by a transmission control module, vehicle owners requiring a replacement 42RLE can find these units on this resource. Low pricing is a priority for all inventory listed here.

Automatic Chrysler Transmissions with TCM

Chrysler remains one of the leading companies in the automotive industry due to consistent engineering. The electronic controls used in all transmissions built from 1989 to the present day feature TCM and related modules. All Chrysler transmissions that are sold in used condition from this resource are ready for TCM enabled vehicles. Each four-speed gearbox that is ordered here is capable of being placed into more than one vehicle design. Chrysler designed its transmissions for easy installation into Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

A portion of the vehicles that the 42RLE transmission works with includes Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram, Jeep Liberty, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Jeep Wrangler. Any buyer of replacement automotive parts online can use the easy search system through this resource to find an exact match 42RLE gearbox. Every supplier offering inventory found through this resource is a top North American company. Every OEM Ultradrive gearbox that is presented here online is checked for accuracy by fulfillment companies. This eliminates problems with sensors or internal parts upon installation.

42RLE Used Transmissions for Sale

Every Chrysler used 42RLE transmission that is found using the Pro Auto USA company includes a complete warranty policy direct from each provider. All suppliers offering inventory listed here for sale help consumers after purchases are made. These extended warranties are provided as one OEM parts protection feature. Locating a transmission in used condition with a warranty for Chrysler vehicles does not have to be hard. All units that are shipped in the U.S. feature these extended transmission warranties.

There are two ways that any buyer can discover Chrysler transmission pricing online. The first method is using the locator service at the top of this page. Complete price information and quotes from more than one supplier are offered. The information for shipping and exact warranty terms are provided. The toll-free telephone number also listed on this page can be one resource used to find out the sale pricing in effect. Speaking with a real person who knows Chrysler gearboxes is a great tool to have.