Used 4R70W Transmissions

Ford Motor Company designed the 4R70W transmission in 1993 for installation into the Lincoln luxury vehicle series. This four-speed reverse transaxle transmission was paired with the Lincoln series for a five-year period in the U.S. The gearbox is perhaps best known for the two-decade production run with other vehicles in the Ford lineup. The Pro Auto USA company offers used 4R70W transmissions directly on this resource at lowered retail prices.

Ford used its AOD technology when building the 4R70W. The creation of the first overdrive transmission in the Ford lineup provided technologies used in later years. The improved torque with the 1993 builds provided a powerful gearbox ready for use with a range of different vehicles. The Ford F-Series trucks, Expedition, Thunderbird, Mercury Mountaineer, Mustang and Crown Victoria are examples of vehicles that use the 4R70W transmissions in the U.S. market.

4R70W Transmissions: Automatic Four-Speed

What concerns most replacement transmission buyers is the quality of the internal parts. Because photos do not do most transmissions justice, a necessary step in certifying a transmission for sale is an internal and external inspection. The average replacement gearbox found online is not inspected or certified for purchase. The entire inventory that the Pro Auto USA company offers to the general public receives warranty protection from fulfillment partners. This improves the automatic transmissions inventory listed on this resource for sale.

Apart from the 4R70W used transmissions, additional Ford Motor Company units can be found using the resources provided here. The E4OD, 5R55W, 5R55E and T5 units are featured in the searchable inventory listed on this resource. This list is not inclusive and there are many types of automatic and manual gearboxes ready for domestic shipments. The easy way to find used transmissions online is to depend upon a reliable source. The company continuously adds new providers of replacement gearboxes in the U.S. This builds up the inventory listed online for buyers hoping to find Ford inventory in stock.

4R70W Replacement Transmissions for Sale

The Pro Auto USA inventory of used Ford transmissions online is easy to research. There are two main ways that consumers find available gearboxes in this inventory. This first way is to use the online-only search tools right on top of this page. This system is connected to hundreds of different stock sources that offer replacement gearboxes in the U.S. market. These companies include junkyards, salvage companies and wrecking yards offering quality builds for sale. Inventory is automatically updated through this system.

The toll-free telephone number found on this page is a secondary method for locating pricing and stock information. Some consumers prefer this research method because a real person can be spoken to about pricing and inventory information. The ability to lookup a VIN number to match engines to certain transmissions is provided with the toll-free phone method. Regardless of the method selected to receive a quote in price, all gearboxes that are featured through this resource are authentic builds from Ford.