Used 5R110W Transmission

Ford upgraded its heavy-duty transmission series in 2003. The end result was the launch of the 5R110W gearbox. This unit is one of the largest automatic assemblies in the current Ford Motor Company inventory. These units were installed in Super Duty trucks to ensure compatibility with the diesel engines offered. The Pro Auto USA supplier network is currently able to generate instant low pricing for every used 5R110W transmission in stock.

The F250 truck series provides the base model for all heavy-duty trucks. This design was first to feature the original Torqshift design that was later upgraded as the W series in the diesel trucks. Complete compatibility with the Powerstroke 6.0 engine was a necessity in W five-speed designs. Buyers of Super Duty trucks and E-Series vans can browse the inventory of gearboxes that are listed through this resource online.

5R110W Torqshift Transmission for Sale

The 2007 regulations for emissions stopped the use of the 6.0 Powerstroke in favor of the 7.3 in most diesel Ford trucks. One of the advantages of the Torqshift design is the effortless compatibility with the 5R110W series. These gearboxes are also designed for V8 engine blocks and are also found in larger pickup trucks. The F350, F550 and F450 builds feature this gearbox design from 2003 to 2010. The availability of these units on this website is fulfilling many of the shortages in the U.S.

The pricing that can be found for a replacement transmission could differ depending on resources used. This means that a list price for a gearbox from one dealer could be entirely different from another. One consistency that the Auto Pros company provides is a spread of pricing. Every list price is reviewed by each partner fulfilling transmission requests from this website. This is an extra step to validate a price prior to distributing quotations to buyers online and by telephone. Every preowned 5R110W gearbox found here online is accurately priced.

5R110W Transmission Identification

Buyers who know that they have an authentic Sharonville transmission might use the unique code to verify this fact on each unit. One good thing about this online resource is that zero transmission codes are needed to find inventory. The process of research conducted here is through an online system. Part numbers for gearboxes in stock have been replaced by vehicle year and type. This criteria is among the unique identifiers now used to find in stock units.

A toll-free phone system is currently offered to all buyers interested in the used Sharonville 5R110W transmissions. A helpful specialist who is trained in automotive technologies helps provide all support by phone. Any and all questions can be asked using the support number provided. Accuracy in price quote delivery online or by phone is the goal of these experts. The process to find replacement for transmissions can be summed up in one URL: