Used 6L80E Transmission

The engineering updates in 2005 produced by General Motors created the six-speed 6L80 gearbox. These longitudinal designs are rebadged versions of early 1990 units. The 4L65E and 4L85E are two of the designs closely used to mimic the newly launched 6L80 series. These units are produced in the Toledo, Ohio area and are meant for luxury vehicle installations. The Auto Pros company is a source to find used 6L80E transmission inventory.

The clutch-free design of the modified six-speed units in one reason that these have been used in place of standard builds and torque converter enabled units. The Cadillac series was the first installation of the standard and TCM enabled builds of the 6L80. The Corvette is one additional vehicle featuring the upgrade to six gears instead of five or four in the late model builds. Purchasing one of these units in preowned condition is a smart move online. The prices here are configured for discount transmission shoppers to benefit.

GM 6L80E Automatic Transmission

The 684 pounds of foot torque is one of the advantages that GM created for its late model gearbox builds. The automatic overdrive and a hydraulic control module are some of the bonuses created for the 6L80E series. Choosing an automatic transmission capable of towing nearly anything is a big decision. One issue that some purchasers of General Motors gearboxes online find is the lack of torque converters. Not every dealer supplies original torque converters with a replacement unit. Every build listed here for GM vehicle installations includes a complete torque converter.

The Auto Pros difference does not stop at the point of purchase with most buyers. A complete review of internal components is necessary prior to actual fulfillment. All builds that are marketed from this website are tested with compatible transmission fluid. This ensures that each gear is lubricated professionally with OEM specific fluid. Each validation performed on a replacement transmission for sale more than guarantees above average quality. The GM 6L80E six-speed builds distributed for sale come direct with a limited warranty policy.

6L80E Transmission Identification Online

A search of the locator found at the top of this page can help identify any original General Motors gearbox. No code numbers or engineering plate identification is required. The year of each vehicle and the make provide the sufficient information to produce a quote in price. This is a strategy used to speed up the actual distribution of sticker prices online.

A U.S. buyer interested in the six-speed automatic General Motors transmissions featured on on this page can call toll-free to obtain prices. This is an optional offline method. Whether online or offline quotes are requested is not important. What buyers receive upon actual order fulfillment is what matters. Buying units from auto distributors, salvage agencies and junkyards here is a way to cut the price of a transmission.