Used Auto Parts in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Like any large city, Minneapolis, Minnesota has its share of salvage yards. They are a great source for used auto parts, if you have the time, and the patience and gas money to go in search of the part you need. There is another alternative that will eliminate the leg work and will provide competitive bids for the used auto part you want. That alternative is our website. It is simple for the busy person to fill out our simple form and receive quotes for the part you are seeking.

Here is the way our service network works: While on our website you fill out our form, letting us know what part you need, and we do the rest for you. You will receive quotes from several sources with prices and delivery details included. In some instances shipping is even free. You select the source you want at the price you desire and arrange payment and let the delivery service use their gas to get the part to you. We do our best to provide OEM parts in the quickest time possible.

Filling out our form does not obligate you to buy from any of our vendors, but it does give you the opportunity to receive your part in the quickest manner with the least inconvenience for you. You can request quotes any time of the day or night. If you can access the internet, you can find what you need by using the form at the top of this page.

Of course some people love to visit junkyards. They love the salvage search for the best discounts and cheap parts. In Minneapolis you may want to visit some of these locations for that old fashioned hands on experience:

  • J & M Auto Recycling (612) 285-3333
  • U Pull R Parts (651) 237-9866
  • Crosstown Auto, Inc. (866) 965-5615
  • JML Motors (952) 466-6910
  • B & K Towing (763) 560-3023

There are many other salvage and auto stores in Minneapolis besides these. You may want to approach them with the strategy of getting them to bid against each other with quotes and go with the cheapest one then go pick up your part, or you can fill out our form and we will get the bids and you can have your used auto part ASAP. Of course it is always your choice, your time and you gas money for used auto parts.