Used Coil Springs For Sale

Coil springs are designed to provide some shock abortion for your vehicle. They work in tandem with your vehicle’s shocks or struts to provide a smoother ride. Some manufacturers may refer to these parts as compression springs or helical springs. We provide fast and easy online shopping for your auto parts needs including coil springs. Simply enter the part you need into our search bar and let us do the work for you.

Coil springs and your suspension system

The suspension system on your car or truck is designed to reduce the vibrations and bumps encountered as you drive your vehicle. As your tires run over uneven surfaces, your suspension absorbs the ups and down that you would otherwise feel. Springs also improve the handling and braking ability. The best suspension systems balance the desire for comfort with the need for control.

Vehicles, like work trucks, that normally carry heavier than normal loads will use a sturdier, heavier spring. If softer springs are used the vehicle could bottom out over larger bumps. Racing vehicles will also sometimes use a heavier spring material, the quality of the ride is not as important as controlling the vehicle. Limousines or luxury vehicles will normally have softer springs to increase driver or passenger comfort.

Coil springs are an improvement over older leaf spring assemblies for most applications. As a coil spring is stretched or compressed, it exerts a force proportional to the change in length. Heavy-duty vehicles may benefit from the greater strength of a leaf spring system.

What causes coil spring failure?

Spring failure in itself is rare. Very old coil springs can wear out, become rusted or eventually crack. You may consider spring replacement in the process of replacing shocks or struts. In most cases, if one coil spring is damaged, both springs should be replaced as a set. This provides for even operation across the front or rear of the vehicle.

If you are planning to work on a coil spring, your safety should be considered. Springs are normally under pressure and the correct tools and procedures need to be employed. You can rely on us to help you find the parts you need at the lowest possible prices. Use the search bar on the top of the page to access a full selection of coil springs for sale.