Used Ford Taurus Engines For Sale

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Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus entered the automobile world in 1986. Designed as a mid-range sedan with a front-wheel-drive; it appealed to families. Inside its spacious interior, it accommodated toys, sports items or accessories without breaking the budget.

In the 1990’s, Ford Taurus and its engines ranked as one of the best selling cars. Solid performance and low maintenance every morning the key slid in the ignition the car started up. Decent mileage meant more money in the pocket for family needs.Its body styling became less attractive to buyers from 2000 to the present, but its engine performance and low maintenance record remained appealing as ever.


First generation base Ford Taurus engines (1986 to 1991) consisted of 90 hp 2.5 liters-V4, but most buyers preferred the optional 3.0 liters-V6 with its powerful 140 hp.In 1989, Ford introduced the high performance SHO with its 220 hp 3.0-Yamaha engine turning the sedan into a sporty car.

Second generation engines in the early 1990’s came with 115 hp, and the 3.8 liters-V6 had sequential fuel injection. A larger 3.2 liters engine in the DOHC-V6 line was added to the SHO model. At the end of the decade as sales dropped, Ford responded with changes under the hood. A new Duratec 200 hp with 24-valve DOHC-V6 appeared.

After 2000, the 3.0 liters-V6 engine became the base form with 155 hp paired with a twin-cam. In recent years, Ford has installed 203 hp and 263 hp-V6 at a standard 3.5 liters. A new flex fuel engine looks promising for keeping the environment clean while still staying within the budget.

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