Used Jeep XJ Control Arms

The control arm of a vehicle is a vital component of the vehicle’s suspension. Each vehicle has a front control arm, which is also called an A-frame, and a rear control arm.Although control arms have to be particularly durable and sturdy due to their role of constantly supporting the vehicle in all types of conditions, old age and wear and tear can eventually cause the control arm to malfunction.The Front Control ArmThe front control arm of a Jeep FJ is connected to many important parts of the vehicle, such as the bushings, the spindles, the axles and the ball joints. Having a strong control arm in the front of the Jeep FJ is vital to the functions of all of these parts.

The Rear Control Arm

The control arm that is in the rear of the vehicle contains many vital parts of the suspension, and it ensures that the vehicle’s wheels and shocks are stable.

Reasons That The Part Fails

A control arm usually doesn’t fail completely at one particular moment, and it is not a part that will fail without warning.

After a vehicle has been driven for many thousands of miles and endured many rough road conditions, certain parts of the control arm may begin to become less sturdy. Over time, the control arm may develop a knocking sound, or the vehicle’s axles may begin to become relatively unbalanced. Both of these occurrences are signs that the control arm may need to be replaced.

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A Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Due to the fact that it is connected to many other parts, replacing the control arm of a Jeep FJ is a relatively complex process. Having a step-by-step installation guide is vital in order to successfully replace a control arm, and most salvage yards and independent stores will provide a full guide.

Deals And Discounts

Many of our trusted sellers will offer a discount when a customer buys a control arm, and the merchant will usually give the customer a deal when they buy other parts of the suspension in addition to the control arm.

Delivery Options

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