Used Rear Axle Assembly Replacement Parts

The rear axle assembly of a vehicle is important for the basic operation of the vehicle. If something goes wrong with the rear axle assembly the vehicle may not be able to function as it was intended. This is especially true for vehicles that are designed as rear wheel drive automobiles. On these types of vehicles the rear axle assembly is the part that drives the wheels and causes them to turn when power is applied. This is done by connecting the vehicle’s transmission to the rear axle assembly through a drive shaft that turns gears within the assembly. This in turn causes the wheels to move when the gas pedal is pressed down. Whenever there is a problem with the axle assembly it causes the vehicle to either lurch forward, or if the problem is severe enough, the vehicle will not move at all.

The rear axle assembly differs depending on the type of vehicle that you are driving. However, the basic parts that make up the rear axle assembly tend to be similar across the board. All assemblies contain a set of gears that are turned by the drive shaft when the gas pedal is pressed down. This set of gears then turns an additional set of gears which causes the rear wheels to move. The fact that there are so many moving parts within the gear assembly creates an opportunity for an array of problems with the rear axle assembly. Typically when something goes wrong it is because the gears have worn out over a period of time or in some cases because there was not enough lubricant in the gear system to prevent them from breaking down. In addition the rear axle assembly can also experience problems where the axle connects to the wheels and in some severe cases the axle itself can break. Many times mechanical failure involves the gears or bearings where the axles attach to the wheels. If there is a problem with the axle itself it is usually due to the vehicle being driven in extreme circumstances, such as by hitting a rough surface at extremely high speed.

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