Used OEM Headlights for Sale

Headlights are an essential component in everyday driving. We use headlights for a variety of reasons, but the most important of which is the ability to see what is in front of us, while avoiding dangers driving in night-time conditions. Usually headlight assemblies do not need to be replaced; only the bulbs inside the assemblies need to be switched out.

Why are headlight assemblies replaced?
Usually the headlight assembly is a sealed secure piece with little to no moving parts; thus not needing regular maintenance or replacement. The main reason a headlight assembly needs replacement is due to the fact that there has been outside damage done to the part, and can no longer function as required. Due to the fact that headlight assemblies are not replaced very often it can be a burden to find the correct OEM replacement part without hours of extensive searching.

What are my options when needing a replacement part?
There usually three different options when looking for a replacement part: going to the dealership, buying aftermarket parts or contacting a used parts dealer. More often than not a dealership will not have the OEM parts you are looking for if the model year of the vehicle is older than five years (i.e. your vehicle is a 2003 and the current model year is 2013.) The manufacturers usually update the types of parts they use every so often, and current parts will not retroactively fit on older models. Most of the time if they do have your part in stock they are usually very expensive.
The same goes for buying aftermarket parts for your vehicle; they can be expensive, aftermarket parts are not considered OEM, and they can have variances in the way they look on your vehicle.
Your final option is to search for the part by searching used parts dealers the parts are OEM, and are less costly compared to buying the original part. The problem is that they can be scattered throughout the country, and thus be difficult to locate. That’s where AUTO PROS USA comes in.

Auto pros USA uses an extensive search tool gathering parts lists from an extensive list of known vendors, and compiles the results into an easy to comprehend e-mail. All you need to do is search using the year make and model and the parts you are looking for, and we do the rest. It’s simple, and it allows you to use your time more efficiently. The e-mail will include parts, and names of the top reputable vendors. You the consumer are able to pick the best price for you, and let the vendors compete for your business.