Used Pickup Toppers

Tops for pickup trucks have been in existence since the creation of the first modern truck in the 1900s. Aftermarket manufacturers of truck toppers have flooded the market with different designs. Companies like Leer, ARE and Century are examples of manufacturers creating different varieties of truck toppers.

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Types of Truck Caps Available

1. Fiberglass

There are several varieties of truck caps that are produced by third party manufacturers. Fiberglass construction is one of the oldest in use in the truck market. These units are most popular with light, medium and heavy-duty truck series. Most camper tops are produced with fiberglass builds to ensure long-term durability.

2. Tonneau

Tonneau bed covers have revolutionized the truck topper industry. While most fiberglass units have large shells, the flat and sometimes foldable nature of Tonneau covers has made these units desirable for owners of pickup trucks. These shortened covers provide a paint matched and reliable way to protect the bed of any truck.

3. Aluminum

Most classic truck caps that are found on Ranger, Ram, Silverado and other trucks are made from aluminum. These units were originally designed to protect cargo while providing a sleek look. Most aluminum caps include lockable windows on each side of the welded frame. Both step side and regular truck designs can be found on aluminum builds.

New Versus Used Truck Toppers

Price is also the most common element that is reviewed when consumers are ready to purchase truck caps. New units can be expensive when sold through retailers. Not all companies are able to discount the list price caps and buyers pay full price. The allure of used condition truck toppers is due partly to price as well as the quality. Most used condition tops are nearly identical in quality to new units only without the list price tag.

The Pro Auto USA company supplier network of salvage yards, junkyards and other parts distributors has helped to establish a large inventory of truck parts for sale. The caps found using this resource ensure that quality is achieved for each buyer. While used condition units do have some wear, the condition is excellent and offers an affordable way to cover any truck bed. The research conducted entirely on this page can present hundreds of different options to purchase used condition truck bed caps online.