Used Scion XB Side Mirrors For Sale

Scion xB side mirrors replacement information:

The first consideration when it comes to replacing the side mirror on your Scion xB is the model year of your car. Scion xB manufacturer Toyota re-designed its popular five-door compact in the 2008 model year. The first generation of the Scion xB, which features a 1.5-liter engine, was produced from 2003 to 2007 and features a powered side mirror. The second generation of the Scion xB, which rolled onto lots in the 2008 model year, features powered mirrors with turn indicators. The second consideration, of course, is finding a used replacement mirror that is the same color of your Scion xB.

How Pro Auto USA Can Help:

Don’t worry, finding the right side mirror replacement in the color and model year of your Scion xB is a breeze with Pro Auto USA! It’s simple, really. First, you tell us the specifications for your replacement part. We will use our used-part locator and pass that information along to auto salvage yards and used part dealers across the country. Then, you sit back and relax while used-part dealers in our network check their inventory. In the end, you’ll be able to select the cheapest used side mirror for your Scion xB from a list of discounted offers and purchase the replacement part directly from the salvage yard. There’s no need to spend gas money driving to auto salvage yards or searching online for your replacement part because Pro Auto USA has you covered!

Difficulty Finding Scion xB Side Mirror:

Scion xB were very popular in their first years of produciton. Sales of the vehicle topped 47,000 in 2004 and peaked at more than 61,000 in 2006. However, the number of Scion xBs sold across the U.S. has hovered around 20,000 — and that can make locating used parts at a discounted rates a challenge without help from Pro Auto USA.

How to Order:

Visit Pro Auto USA’s “parts-specific” page, enter your informaiton into our “parts finder,” and we’ll connect with you with a used part dealer who will sell you a Scion xB replacement side mirror!