Used R32 Engines For Sale Online

Looking for used R32 engines? You are not the only one. I am sure that you have already noticed how quick they are to get snapped up.

The key thing is to do your research and make sure to get the right engine to match your transmission. Thankfully, all of these cars use virtually the same 3.2 liter, V6 setup, it’s just the transmission mounting that may be a little different.

Also, keep in mind that if you using a turbo-boost you may need to recalibrate the Electronic Control Module (ECM) to compensate for this added performance.

In 2002, when Volkswagen released the R32 as a high-performance car to compete with the Audi line up, they had no idea it was going to become so incredibly popular.

Now, R32 users all around the world continue to be in love with this incredible car and will do anything to keep them running in top shape. Typically that means incredible bidding wars on eBay for parts and engines, or marked-up prices on the few online salvage stores that do post their inventory.

However, even if you are comfortable with tweaking an engine to fit your specific Golf, you will still find a fight on your hands even locating an engine.

That’s why we at created this site. All you have to do is enter your information in the form and we do the work.

After you submit the form, it will go to the top used-parts and salvage stores in the nation and our suppliers will check their stock of OEM R32 engines for sale and compete to fulfill your order.

The best part? Not only will you be able to easily to find this elusive part, but you can be assured of getting the absolutely best price for it.